Wrapping Up

Busy day around here! This morning was the last three activity periods of B session.  We were grateful that the sun shone this morning and the rain held off until this afternoon. As you can see from the photos, kids had a blast all morning in activities! After chili dogs for lunch, kids headed back to their koogees to pack up to go home. This afternoon’s schedule looked a little different, as we had three activity periods of team competition, ending with the third period of Braveheart, everybody’s favorite!

It started raining around 2, but it was a light rain, so team competition continued! After dinner, kids are super excited about the counselor show tonight. It always promises lots of laughs! It’s been a great B session, it’s just hard to believe it’s already over tomorrow! We have 35 kids who are staying over for C session. Our Pioneers are doing well, albeit a little hot these past few days, as we have been at camp. Hopefully the rain will cool us all off a little!


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