2021 Pugawaggan

Sundays are a little different at Camp Deerhorn. We all relish the extra hour of sleep we get, as we eat breakfast at 9am instead of 8. This morning’s breakfast was egg casserole and hash browns. After breakfast, kids enjoyed some free time, which is pretty rare at Deerhorn! Some staff organized a game of ultimate frisbee on the soccer field, but lots of kids just enjoy hanging out in their koogee, or playing tennis, basketball, tetherball, etc. Teams also had meetings to prepare for this afternoon’s Sunday event.

Sam Greene gave a great Words of Wisdom talk about kindness at noon at the campfire ring. Lunch was roast beef sandwiches and tater tots. After rest hour, the bell rang and it was time for the big Sunday event, Pugawaggan! In this event, the teams draft which activities they get to defend as the “War Chief.” The other three teams have to defeat the War Chief in order to be able to move on to the next activity.

As they go to each activity, they pick up more kids from their team, so that by the end, the entire team is gathered at the campfire ring. The final event is the Leader paddling a half canoe from the canoe beach to the campfire ring. The first team there gets to light the fire and wins the event!

The Iroquois were the victors in today’s event, followed by the Chippewa, Apache, and Navajo. After they all finished at the campfire ring, everyone headed down to the beach for an all-campĀ  machine gun run. They then gathered in a circle for an all-camp singing of Deerhorn Hall. So great to see after a big afternoon of team competition!

Dinner tonight was baked chicken, pasta salad, and watermelon. After dinner, kids gathered with their koogee for koogee time, followed by the first campfire of C session. It was another amazing Sunday at Deerhorn! There were lots of photos taken of today’s event, but it’s going to take awhile to upload them. They will be shared tomorrow!

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