A Thousand Words

The sun is shining, the afternoon warmed to a perfect 75 degrees, and camp is in full swing. Breakfast was biscuits and gravy and bacon, and lunch was chicken gyros and homemade hummus and pita chips. I could tell you how much fun kids are having at camp today, or I could just show you. After all, a picture IS worth a thousand words!

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

    Thanks for the action packed photos, Amy!! Not sure how you manage to capture so many incredible moments each day! Our hearts are full as we see Will experiencing the Deerhorn magic again this summer!! Big thanks to the entire Broadbridge family, leadership team & counselors for making it all possible!

    Thanks, Megan! Our 12 year old daughter, Rowan, is actually our photographer this session, and I’m glad to hear you agree that she’s doing a great job! So great to have Will back!

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