2023 A Session Teams!

We were all so grateful to wake up this morning to warmer temperatures that continued to climb throughout the day. We finished all of our swim tests today and kids were ready to head out to swim, ski, sail, and canoe. Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Lunch was grilled cheese, fries, and watermelon slices. Kids were busy all day shooting bows and arrows, making crafts projects, and playing Star Wars in Sports and Games. We ended morning activities a little early so that we could announce teams, which is always the highlight of every session! We changed names this year, so our green team is the Bears, led by Connor Wood, the yellow team is the Eagles, led by Walker Bruce, the blue team is the Bobcats, led by Dylan Tackett,  and the red team is the Wolves, led by Nelson Goodrich. These four amazing Leaders are ready to help make this summer the best it can be for all of our campers! Tonight our first night of team competition will be everyone’s favorite, Braveheart. Every person has two flags and everyone runs around the field trying to pull the other teams’ flags before their own gets pulled. Now that teams are drafted, the fun can really begin!

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