A Beauty of a Day

Northwoods weather is funny. Last night and this morning, there was no rain in the forecast until 8:00 tonight. Then suddenly around 3:30 this afternoon it got dark and cloudy and started raining. Even the weather app showed no rain on the radar. Luckily it didn’t last long and kids still got to play Braveheart after dinner. The Leaders played Braveheart with the juniors, which the juniors thought was awesome. It was really fun to see these 16 year olds getting the little ones so hyped up. I don’t know who had more fun tonight, the Leaders or the juniors! We say it every year, but this group of Leaders is so incredible. They are here for the kids and all of the campers just adore them. What a joy it has been to spend the summer with them.

So even though it rained a bit this afternoon, the rest of the day was a real beaut. Blue skies, sunshine, no clouds. So great to look out at the waterfront and see the sailboats, ski boats, and kayaks all out there having fun.  Sports and Games played Gasebolf on DK Field, which involves hitting a tennis ball at home plate with a golf club and then running the bases in the opposite direction. Yet another made-up game that kids love! We had french toast sticks for breakfast, tacos for lunch, and lasagna for dinner. A little bit of rain aside, it really was a beauty of a day!

P.S. Three things about the camp store. 1. If you think your son doesn’t know he has money to spend, just send him an email to camper@deerhorn.com with his name in the subject line and tell him he can come ask when the store is open how much he has to spend. 2. You can tell him the store will be open Thursday and Friday at General Swim. 3. Saturday is pretty busy, so I won’t have the store open all morning. But if you are picking your son up by car and you would like me to open the store, just ask a staff member to find Amy, and I can open it up.






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