Everything is Magic

Another hallmark of D session is their excitement about everything. Everything is magic at Camp Deerhorn. There are dogs running around all day at camp that you can play with anytime you want? Magic. The camp store is full of awesome gear and you have money you get to spend? Magic. There’s a different candy bar every day after lunch? Magic. You get to have a sleepover every night with friends? Magic. A trampoline on the water? Magic. Every morning I fill the gatorade machine before breakfast, and I am never alone. There is always a crowd of kids standing in awe as I open up the machine and start to fill it. Because, seeing the inside of the gatorade machine? Magic

I did not plan the photo above. I just looked around breakfast this morning at all the kids wearing all the stuff they bought in the past three days and I snapped a picture after breakfast. It was a banner day at Deerhorn. The morning was cloudy with a little rain, but by the afternoon, it was beautiful, sunny, and warm. Koogee pictures, dog friends, Rave action, a windy day for sailing… Magic.


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