A Great Beginning

The sun was shining once again for our first full day of A session. Many kids were up bright and early this morning, playing basketball or tennis long before the bell rang at 7:15am. They are EXCITED! Breakfast this morning was french toast sticks and sausages, and lunch was Philly cheese steak sandwiches.

After breakfast, kids headed back to their koogees to clean up and get ready for activities. Next, we had a brief meeting in the lodge to let kids know what groups they are in. Finally, it was off to activities! Kids have six activities MWF, and six others TThSat. The only activity they have every day is Sports and Games, which combines two activity groups to play sports and fun made up games. Today, Sports and Games played kickball on the baseball field. The only activity kids get to choose is whether they want horseback riding or golf. We find that our schedule allows kids exposure to activities that many come to love, but wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.

After lunch, we had a brief meeting in the lodge to go over rules and expectations. The first two days of activities are also orientations and safety in each activity, but the counselors try to get them going into the action as quickly as possible. The day warmed up nicely for our waterfront activities of sailing, skiing, canoeing, and swimming.

We are grateful for the beautiful weather, as we help everyone settle into camp and learn the routine. There are lots of smiles and so much excitement everywhere you look around camp! Don’t forget that all of our photos will be posted on our Shutterfly site.

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