Hooray for A!

We are grateful that we woke to clear sunny skies for our opening day of A session. The 44 kids who stayed over from Father Son camp had a great time at the waterpark yesterday and were excited to greet all the arriving kids today. Breakfast was biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs, and lunch was turkey ranch wraps and tater tots. On these opening days, we divide kids up into temporary activity groups and do three activities in the morning and two more in the afternoon. Activities include things like volleyball, soccer, and balcoball, which is a crazy wiffle ball game invented by counselors years ago.

After lunch, all the kids who were at camp took their swim tests so they were done before the buses arrived. The buses got here safe and sound around 3:30 and it was full speed ahead! Lots of excitement in camp as kids ran and greeted old friends and met new koogee mates. After we got all the baggage unloaded and moved into koogees, kids who just arrived on the bus headed down to take their swim tests. At 5:00, we had a brief meeting in the lodge to introduce the staff before getting kids into some activities before dinner.

After dinner will be a game of all camp Capture the Flag, and we ended the day, as we always do, with milkline. That’s a time for campers to gather with their koogee and get a graham cracker and milk in the lodge, settling down for the night before heading to bed. Kids 11 and under will have lights out at 9pm, 12 year-olds at 9:15, and teenagers at 10pm. The first night it’s always a little hard to get to sleep because everyone is so excited, but by tomorrow night they will be exhausted from a full day of activities!

We can tell already that it’s going to be a great session. We are grateful for the loyalty of 83 returning campers, but are SO excited to introduce the magic of Deerhorn to 50 first-year campers! Photos from this session (once uploaded) will be able to be seen on our Shutterfly site.

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