A Look Back at Leaders-Inigo

Our final post in our “Look Back at Leaders” series is Inigo Banos, leader of the 2020 Navajo. He is from Mexico City, and this summer is his first at Camp Deerhorn. Here’s a funny story his parents recount from his summers at Deerhorn.

I will always remember the year Iñigo got impetigo. I would get a call almost daily saying that Iñigo was the most polite and lovable boy in the world, but he simply did what he wanted. He listened to a 15 minute explanation  in which it was explained to him why he could not swim in the lake due to the possibility of infection of the impetigo.   Iñigo agreed during the whole conversation. The instant Barbara finished and turned around,  he would jump in the lake.
Thankfully, he grew up.

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