A Look Back at Leaders-Jake Menz

Our second in our Look Back series is Jake Menz. Jake returns to Deerhorn this summer for his 5th summer as a camper. He hails from New York City, and will be leading the Chippewa.  Here’s what his parents have to say about Jake’s first years at Deerhorn.

Jake was a shy 12-year-old when he first went to Camp Deerhorn in June 2012.  It took some time for him to feel comfortable in new environments and situations.


His first letter from camp would ease our concerns as parents.  Other letters followed during this first year at camp saying how wonderful it was to wake up early to see, hear, and smell the forest and the lake.  He was an “early riser” back then, and to spend those quiet moments at the start of a day was quite an experience for a boy from NYC.


Jake had found a second home.  And what kid wouldn’t consider this the best place?  We knew that Jake’s trepidations about doing things he’d never done – e.g. waterskiing, horseback riding, archery, and being in a new environment among people he didn’t know – was now replaced by joy & enthusiasm.  A look at the photos over the past four years showing his involvement in the camp activities shows Jake is in his element.  

Jake has also developed some of his most sincere friendships with the other campers, most coming from other parts of the country and the world.  Throughout the winter, we can often hear him Facetiming with his buddies from camp.  These are friendships that will last a lifetime.


This year, even more than in past years, Jake keeps saying how he can’t wait for camp to start.  He is really looking forward to getting together with his friends & the extended camp family, and to being a leader, mentor, and friend to the younger campers.


And guess who isn’t such a shy camper any longer!!!


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