All Smiles

Day 3 of D session is in the books and it was another great one! The day dawned sunny and beautiful, with a lot less heat and mugginess than we’ve had the rest of this past week. When kids arrive at Deerhorn, they are put into activity groups with kids their own age. They have a schedule that has 6 activity periods, Monday, Wednesday,  and Friday, and the other three activity periods on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The only activity they have every day is Sports and Games, because we put two activity groups together so they can play traditional sports and crazy games our counselors have made up over the years.

Yesterday, Sports and Games played a game called Star Wars on DK Field, and today they played World Cup Soccer. Star Wars is just one of the many Deerhorn games. You’ll have to ask your camper when he gets home what his favorite Deerhorn game was! (Most of them involve some form of dodgeball!) There are a couple of activities that are together. Kids can decide whether they want to go to biking or crafts, and they can decide between golf and horseback riding. Otherwise, they have a set schedule and we find that this allows kids to try activities that maybe they wouldn’t choose, but that soon become their favorites.

Kids are having fun in activities and getting to know their koogeemates better. They’re loving the team competitions in the evenings and are excited for the big Sunday event tomorrow. We are so grateful for the incredible weather we’re having this week, and as you can tell from the pictures, we’re all smiles here at Deerhorn!

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