Deerhorn Conquest

We love Sundays at Deerhorn! We all love the break from the normal schedule, but we especially love getting to sleep in an extra hour! Breakfast this morning was quesadillas, stuffed with eggs, sausage, cheese, and hash browns. So good! After breakfast, kids enjoyed some rare free time around camp. There were games of ultimate frisbee and basketball, and I opened the store for the long line of kids waiting outside!

But this afternoon was the most exciting part of our Sunday! Today’s big Sunday event was the first ever at Deerhorn! Nate Tanner and Michael Thistlethwaite have been working all summer on a new Sunday event and today was the day it was finally unveiled. It’s called Deerhorn Conquest, and it’s a huge event with 6 smaller relay races happening within the larger one. It pulls from all of our other Sunday events of the summer, with ping pong ball carries like the Monkeys, gathering pieces like we do for Chariots, etc. Each team is subdivided into 6 groups and each group has their own relay races to complete to get a piece of their road that is built on the soccer field. Once all six groups have finished, the team heads down to the beach where their Leader has to build a small fire to break a string. Once the string breaks, they paddle to the point to get their team flag, paddle back to the beach, and run to the soccer field to plant their flag of conquest! It was an amazing afternoon of team competition, and we’re so proud of Tanner and Thistle for creating it! The Bears came in first, followed by the Wolves, Bobcats, and Eagles. There were lots of awesome pics taken of today’s event, but it will take awhile to upload. Below are a few that capture the spirit of the competition! After dinner, kids will have some koogee time and we’ll end the day with a Deerhorn campfire.

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