Already Halfway?

Yesterday’s team event was super fun and the Iroquois came out on top! Chippewa came in second, the Navajo came in third, and the Apache came in fourth. Kids had a great time, and we all enjoyed an extra long final regular session campfire last night. Kids like Freddy Trafelet were brave enough to get up and play a song, and we even had a guest performer from former camper Patty Ray, who brought his bass to accompany our guitar players at the campfire. It was awesome.

Today dawned sunny and warm, though there is a possibility of rain this afternoon. Breakfast was hard boiled eggs and biscuits and gravy. Kids headed off to activities to continue working on stars. It’s hard to believe today marks the halfway point of this session. Ten days goes by so fast! Here are some more fun photos from yesterday’s event. The rest can be found on our Shutterfly site!


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