Another Beautiful Day

Kids were excited to get back into activities today, to really be able to have the full activity period since orientations were finished last week. Sports and Games played baseball on DK Field, and we had eggs and toast for breakfast.

Lunch was chili and cornbread, and we were thrilled to have another day of sunshine. Though our mornings have been rather chilly, it warms up quickly! The store was busy once again from 4:45 until first call for dinner. Lots of Deerhorn gear going home this session!

Dinner was fish and mac & cheese, and campers were excited to get outside after dinner to do team competitions. Juniors played kickball, intermediates played koogee ball, and seniors played soccer. Though we had several kids who were pretty homesick in the beginning of the session, (par for the course with 62 new kids!), we can safely say that they have conquered the homesickness and are loving camp. What can we say, it was another great day at Deerhorn!

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