Another Goodbye

…And in a blink, D session is over. We had our awards breakfast this morning, and lots of awards were passed out, including some end of the summer awards. The tennis tournament trophies were given out to Will McHugh for 11 and under and James Theriault for 12 and up (and he’s an 11 year old! Go James!) Rifle sharpshooter awards went to Emmett Nomellini for juniors, Inigo Banos for intermediates, and Andrew Knox for seniors.



Deerhorn Spirit Awards went to Francisco Chahin for juniors, Henry Miller for intermediates, and Michael Donoghue for seniors. Outstanding Camper trophies went to Emmett Nomellini for juniors, Peter Neumeier for intermediates, and Aidan Barker for seniors.



The big end of the summer awards were passed out as well, including the Lloyd Richmond Memorial Sailing trophy to the outstanding sailor of the summer, which went to Emerson Wright, and the Richey Memorial Swimming award, given out to the most improved swimmer of the summer, which went to Desmond Mangat.  And the biggest award of the summer is the Deeley Lyons Memorial award for the outstanding staff member. This year’s recipient is Ben Greene! Congratulations to all of our award winners and videos from the speeches are posted on our Facebook page!

And congratulations to the Chippewa, who have won the summer of 2016! For team totals, check out our team comp page.

So today we said goodbye again, and sent the D session kids home, hoping that next year, they will join us for longer! We have about 20 kids staying over for our last Father Son camp, and they are excited to share camp with their dads for the next four days!


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