B is For Brothers

We love taking brother pictures at camp. It’s so fun to see actual brothers sharing Deerhorn together, but it’s also fun to see who shows up when we make the announcement that we’re taking brother photos! They aren’t related by blood, but they consider themselves Deerhorn brothers. Please note, we just make the announcement to meet outside the lodge after a meal, and we take pictures of whoever shows up! We don’t track down the brothers who don’t show. Some boys just choose to not have their photo taken with their brother!

It’s another warm one today at Deerhorn, but unfortunately cloudier than yesterday. We had a delicious breakfast casserole and bacon for breakfast, and then kids were off to another fun day of activities! Sports and Games played Klepton on the soccer field today, which is one of the most popular games at camp. When your son gets home, you’ll have to ask him how to play all these crazy games our counselors have made up over the years!

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