B Session Begins

Sunshine and blue skies greeted our B session campers as they arrived at camp.  A few came by car throughout the day, but most arrived by bus this afternoon around 3:15.  This morning for breakfast was bagels, and lunch was sub sandwiches. As campers arrived at Deerhorn, they were put into activity groups by age, and they did activities like sprout ball, tennis, archery, and mountain biking.  When the busses arrived this afternoon, we all headed to the soccer field to meet new friends and greet old ones.


Our A session was split almost 50/50 with new and returning campers.  This session is a much older session overall and about 85% of our campers have been to Deerhorn before. But you know what’s really cool about that? The kids who are returning are welcoming the new kids with open arms.  This morning at the bus stop in Chicago, there was a first year camper who was a little scared about getting on the bus and was hesitating.  One of our veterans, Tate,  jumped back down off the bus, put his arm around the new camper, and helped make him feel better about going to camp.  It was really cool to watch. Yes, we love seeing familiar faces of friends, but at Deerhorn, we also love welcoming new friends into the Deerhorn Family.




After the busses arrived, kids got settled in their koogees, took their swim tests, and then it was time to meet the staff.  After staff introductions in the lodge, kids played kickball, ultimate frisbee, and volleyball on the beach.  After our traditional “first night of camp” spaghetti dinner, it was time for all-camp Capture the Flag!  All in all, it was a pretty great day at camp and we are all really looking forward to an awesome session! Pictures from B session can be found on our Shutterfly site.


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    We definitely will! We will sing to him later today at lunch or dinner and his koogee will get cake at milkline!

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