Getting Settled

After cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning, kids went back to their koogees to clean up and get ready for activities.  They found out what activity groups they were in and then headed off to activities for orientations and fun! The thirty kids who stayed over from A session are headed for the day to the Grand Lodge at Stoney Creek, an indoor waterpark in Wausau.  They were all super excited! They will be back by dinnertime.


Kids back at camp are learning about safety and expectations in each activity, but our counselors make sure they do that quickly enough so that kids can get right into the action. Sports and Games is playing World Cup Soccer on the soccer field.


The sun is shining and there were lots of kids out on the lake today in kayaks, sailboats, and skiing! Lunch was mini corn dogs and dinner will be beef tips and noodles. Everyone is settling in well, hanging out with old friends and making new ones.



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