B Session Koogees

We aren’t sure where the time has gone! This afternoon is already the last day of afternoon activities for Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday activities, since Tuesday afternoon is a different schedule as the session winds down.  It’s a warm, sunny day at Deerhorn, and we’re grateful that the air quality has improved over the last few days. It’s been a crazy week, but we finally managed to get koogee pictures today! Kids love hanging out with their koogee-mates and for many kids it’s the best part of their time at Deerhorn.

They have fun and laugh but they also form close bonds in the koogee. Learning how to share a space with people outside of their family is such a gift too. When kids go off to college, they are often overwhelmed by not only the workload, and missing home, but also sharing a room with someone they don’t know. Kids who go to summer camp have already tackled the missing home and sharing space with others. It’s such a gift to them to help them learn these skills when they’re young! You’re setting them up for success when they’re older!


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