Boys Just Wanna Have Fun!

This is what fun looks like:




At Camp Deerhorn, we call that a Machine Gun Run, and these kids in group 9 decided to do Machine Gun Runs this afternoon in swimming class, over and over again. Just because it was fun. They were excited to be at camp, excited for our warm summer day, and excited to get in the water. You could also tell how much they enjoyed each other, even after only being at camp for 24 hours. Some of them are returning guys, some of them knew each other from last year…but in 24 hours, they had become friends already.   Sometimes the best thing about camp is it gives kids simply a place to play, to goof around, and just be boys…unstructured, unplanned play. It’s beautiful to watch.

The kids who were here B session went to the waterpark today in Wausau. They left today after breakfast and will return before dinner. They were SO excited to go! The kids who just arrived were told their activity groups and spent the day learning safety and expectations, and then getting right into the action! Kids are placed in activity groups with kids their own age and they have one schedule of six activities for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the other six are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. The only activity they have both days is Sports & Games, which combines two groups to be able to play team sports. Today Sports & Games played World Cup Soccer on the soccer field. The sun has shone all day and the breeze off the lake is fantastic! Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and lunch was mac & cheese & fish nuggets. For pictures of today’s activities, click HERE.

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