C Session Draft

The leaders of the four camp teams drafted their teams late last night, so this morning, kids who just arrived got to find out what teams they were on. For more about our team competition during the summer, click HERE. Team photos are posted on our Shutterfly site. This is the Iroquois, the team who currently leads the summer. But we still have two more sessions of team competition, so anything can happen! Since the teams have now been chosen, tonight will be the first C session game of all camp Scalp. Hands down it is everyone’s favorite game to play at camp. Each player has two t-shirts tucked in like flags, and the four camp teams try to pull the flags of every other team while trying not to get pulled themselves. The team with the last man standing wins.

Breakfast this morning was pancakes, and lunch was italian subs. Boys are going to their second set of activities today, and learning more about expectations in each activity. Sports & Games is playing sprout ball today. It’s a version of dodgeball where if someone gets you out, you sit down…but when the person who got you out gets out as well, you’re back in the game. So, basically, it’s a game that never ends because someone has to get every single person out…which happened this morning when Mark Deacon got every camper out…and the campers tackled him. We’re not sure who has more fun around here, the campers or the staff!

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