C Session Goodbyes

Three weeks has passed and this morning most of our campers headed home! It’s always a sad morning in the parking lot, with most of our 15 year olds heading home after what was their last summer as a camper. But there will always be a place for them on staff, for as long as they want to come back!

Our awards breakfast this morning was amazing, with so much energy and crazy cheering for everyone who got awards. Rifle Sharpshooter awards went to Ben Tackett for juniors, Mark Nomellini for intermediates, and Marshall Zagotta for seniors. Tennis trophies went to Bennett Blaustein for 11 and under, and Jonas Johnson for 12 and up. Jonas didn’t give up a single game the entire tournament!

Spirit awards went to Alek Orrin Maldonado for juniors, Walker Dulaney for intermediates, and Hayden Cheyne for seniors. Outstanding Camper trophies were awarded to Harrison Phenner for juniors, Louie Jacome for intermediates, and Teddy Koehl for seniors. We also awarded three big end-of-summer awards. The Lloyd Richmond Sailing Award went to Emmett Nomellini. The Dr Don horseback riding award was won by Hayden Cheyne. And the Stinky Robinson Knife award, which is given to the senior boy who has given the most in service and loyalty to Deerhorn, went to Vincent Mangat. Videos of the speeches for all of these awards will be posted soon on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Apache has taken the lead after C session! The Chippewa is in second, Iroquois 3rd, and Navajo 4th. But the first two places are only separated by 400 points, so D session is going to be critical! Keep up with our team competition updates on that page of our website.

We still have no power, so life continues to be an adventure. They estimate tomorrow afternoon, but, of course, we hope it’s sooner! We have 18 kids staying over for D session, and they will be thrilled with Domino’s for dinner! We are watching tonight’s weather closely, as they are predicting rain, so afternoon and evening activities will adapt accordingly! We are nothing if not adaptable as camp people! We are excited to welcome 110 more campers to Deerhorn tomorrow, and almost half of those are 1st year campers! See you next summer, C session!

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