C Session Has Begun!

The summer is sure flying by here at camp and here we are at the start of our 3 week C session. Kids who stayed over had a great time last night with the magician, and were wowed by many amazing tricks.  We woke up this morning to loud cracks of thunder and pouring rain, ending our magical streak of awesome weather. However, we lucked out that the forecast was wrong, as it was supposed to rain all day, but quit around 10:30 and didn’t rain again. What a relief, with the start of the session!

Kids who were here and those arriving by car today were put in temporary activity groups and played games like ultimate frisbee and kickball. We had cheesy eggs, bacon, and hash browns for breakfast, and chicken caesar wraps for lunch. Roast beef is on the docket for dinner.

The buses arrived around 3:00 and it was full speed ahead! Kids moved into their koogees, took their swim tests, and then we had a meeting in the lodge to introduce the staff. After the meeting, they were split up by age and played more games like basketball and volleyball. After dinner will be the traditional game of all camp Capture the Flag! We’re off to a great start for C session. Photos from today will be uploaded tonight to our Shutterfly site, but until then you can see them on our Facebook page!

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