C Session is Here!

Opening day for C session dawned sunny and cool. We are grateful for the break in the heat and humidity we’ve had for the past week. We couldn’t have asked for better weather to kick of our C session. This session lasts 3 weeks, but since the demand for 10 day sessions was high, we do have some kids who are only staying for the first ten days of C session, which we nicknamed C10. We hope those kids will realize that 10 days just isn’t enough Deerhorn time!

We had 30 kids who stayed over from B session, and around 20 arriving by car, so kids were divided into temporary activity groups by age to do activities like kickball, volleyball, and archery throughout the day as kids arrived by car. The buses from Chicago arrived around 2:30 and we were off to the races! Kids settled into their koogee, took their swim tests, and then we had a meeting to introduce the staff.

We did a few more activities after our meeting, like sproutball. Sprout is a camp favorite, and games can last for hours. It’s a dodgeball game played in a circle, where you sit down if you get out, but can come back in if the person who got you out gets out themselves. You can’t run with the ball, but the kids sitting down, “sprouts,” can throw you the ball to help get someone out. The game doesn’t end unless one person gets everyone out.

After dinner, kids will play some Capture the Flag, odd koogees vs even koogees. We’re off to a great start for C session, and these kids are excited to get this party started!

One thought on “C Session is Here!

    Lovely to see Jo and Ian on their first day, first Deerhorn. Thank you to you all for all you do!

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