With our changeover day falling on a Saturday, we weren’t able to have a regular Sunday to start this session. So today we pretended like it was a Sunday, with a few changes.


This morning after blueberry scones for breakfast, we had regular activities. But this afternoon, after pizza fries for lunch, instead of regular activities, we had the Chariots of Fire as our “Sunday” event.


Teams gathered on the soccer field and were split up into smaller groups to go on “quests,” which involved “slaying the gods” of the activities in camp, like shooting bow and arrows, jumping on the Rave, and sailing a boat. After each group completed all their quests, they were given a part of their team’s chariot to bring back to the soccer field.


After all the pieces were brought to the soccer field, the team leaders could begin assembling their chariots. After the chariot was assembled, the leader climbed in and his team pulled him across the soccer field. It’s one of my favorite events because it’s a lot of teamwork and it’s pretty fun to watch the chariots being built and then the whole team running across the soccer field, screaming their heads off!




After beef stroganoff for dinner, teams played Scalp, which is everyone’s favorite camp game.  Then we had the first campfire of this session, with so many great entertainers! It was definitely a warm one today at Deerhorn, but we were grateful another beautiful day!



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