Chippewa Chariots Champion

What a great “Sunday” it has been here at camp. We were all excited for that extra hour of sleep this morning, and enjoyed our breakfast of cheesy eggs and sausage. After breakfast, campers had some rare free time around camp. Lots of kids played street hockey on the Skeeter or Ultimate Frisbee on the soccer field. At noon, Mike Alberding gave a wonderful Words of Wisdom at the campfire ring, encouraging all of us to enjoy the moment and be present. You might find Mike during the rest of the week leading yoga and meditation during canoe class sometimes!

Kids were excited for sloppy joes and onion rings for lunch, and then it was time to get ready for today’s big Sunday event, Chariots of Fire! During this event, teams are divided into smaller groups and must complete tasks all over camp. Some of those tasks involve “god-slaying” where they have to take on a counselor in a specific activity, like archery or tennis.

When they “slay” the god, they earn a piece of their team’s chariot. They bring all the pieces to the soccer field, and their leader builds the chariot. The leader then climbs into the chariot and is pulled across the soccer field to win the event! Chippewa took first place, followed by the Apache, Iroquois, and Navajo.

And while it was a warm one out today, the humidity is way down and the breeze helped everyone cool off. We are grateful for the change in the weather pattern! Tonight after dinner, campers will do an activity with their koogee and then we’ll end today’s “Sunday” with our first B session campfire!

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