D Session Teams!

Everything is exciting to these D session boys, and their enthusiasm is contagious. But nothing is as exciting as the draft, where campers get to find out which team they are on for the session. The leaders picked teams last night, so today before lunch the announcement was made of each team’s line up. Kids got their shirts, had team meetings, and learned their team’s cheer. Now that campers know what teams they’re on, tonight will be the first round of all camp Scalp. Hands down it’s the favorite game at camp, where each team member has two flags (t-shirts) tucked into his shorts. Campers run around the soccer field (12 and up) or the baseball field (11 and under) trying to pull the flags of the other teams to get them out. The team with the last man standing wins. We know there will lots of excitement for tonight’s game of Scalp! We are all loving another day of beautiful sunshine, and kids were excited for mac & cheese for lunch. Pictures from the past two days of activities can be found on our Shutterfly site.




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