Summer Fun

The heat wave of summer has finally arrived, in perfect time for D session. These boys are LOVING this weather…it’s perfectly cool at night for sleeping, and we wake up to 50 degree mornings…then it warms up to that perfect 85 degree afternoon, with the sun shining and breezes blowing. We welcome the warmth of a Northwoods summer which we definitely missed on some of those cooler days earlier in the summer. It’s perfect camp weather. The lake has warmed up beautifully too, with all of our sunshine, making going down the waterslide a favorite activity!

These D session boys are having a blast. They are excited about EVERYTHING! I opened the store at G-Swim, and I’m pretty sure I had half the kids in camp come through. I had to turn kids away after first call for dinner. They reported tonight at dinner that camp was a “blast” and that they loved archery and water-skiing the most.

The kids who were here last session went to the waterpark for the day and were so excited to go. Boys who just arrived yesterday found out what activity groups they were in this morning after breakfast…which was pizza, by the way. Pizza for breakfast? Pretty crazy, but kids loved it. Campers spent the day in activities, learning expectations and star requirements, but also getting to do the activities for the second part of class. They had a meeting after lunch to go over expectations at camp, and general swim at 5:00 was a bustling place on this beautiful summer day. Lunch was italian subs, which kids love, and after dinner boys participated in koogee sports. ┬áThe leaders are drafting their teams tonight, so kids will find out tomorrow what teams they are on.

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    You are welcome, Michelle! He’s doing great at camp, and having a great time. We love having him here!

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