Deerhorn Brotherhood

Some kids come to camp with their brother or their cousin. Others make friends at Deerhorn who feel like brothers. We love seeing kids come get pictures with their “brothers” who are actually kids they just met at camp. Speaking from experience, sharing Deerhorn with your brother is a special thing. My first year at Deerhorn was as head of the waterfront in 1997. The following year I brought my younger brother with me to Deerhorn as an assistant counselor. And while he wasn’t fond of the kitchen work at first, he stayed to work at Deerhorn for five more summers after that. And this summer he brought my nephew to Father Son camp for the first time. Full circle. I know that we became so close because of all those summers spent at Deerhorn.

After a lot of rain last night, we woke to chilly temps in the 40s this morning. Great Deerhorn sweatshirt weather! But the sun is shining and kids are enjoying their last full day of activities. Tomorrow’s schedule is a little different. Breakfast today was scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon. Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup. (Perfect lunch for today’s chilly weather!) We’re all just soaking in these last couple of days of A session!

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