Don’t Blink

This session flew by in a flash. No sooner were we welcoming kids off the bus than we were packing them up to go home. You blink and you might miss it!  A session goes by so fast, but we pack a lot into those 9 days. I’ve heard Deerhorn called “saturated,” and I think that’s a pretty good way to describe it. Our days are jam packed full from morning until night, and today was no different.



We were greeted with another sunny, blue sky morning for the last full day of the session.  After bagels for breakfast, the morning was spent in the last three activity periods of this session.


Kids worked on the last requirements to earn those red, blue, and gold stars before lunch time. Sports & Games played soccer and the craft shop was busy as kids rushed to complete those final projects.



After Pigs in a Blanket and Mac & Cheese for lunch, everyone packed up and cleaned up their koogees during rest hour and we got baggage moved.  Thunderstorms rolled through during lunch and rest hour and we thought maybe the afternoon would be a wash, but those storms moved quickly and allowed an entire afternoon of team competition.  The first two periods were games like indian ball, kickball, and street hockey.  The last period of the afternoon was a game of Scalp, and everyone had a great time!



After meatloaf for dinner, everyone gathered in the lodge for the counselor show, which is always a highlight of the session for campers. Our counselors put on hilarious skits, several of them from the Tonight Show, like Thank You Notes and Egg Russian Roulette. Kids were in tears laughing so hard! When your son comes home, ask him what his favorite skit was!




2 thoughts on “Don’t Blink

    it did go by all to fast. I will miss your wonderful blogs and pictures. Until next summer enjoy the rest of this one. Thank you thank you.

    Hi Joan! The Deerhorn blog is always here if you want to read it! We hope Kolben will come for longer next summer!

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