When you ask a first-year camper what the best part of Deerhorn is, he will usually answer with an activity. But it doesn’t take many years at camp for that answer to change to something like, “Getting to see the friends I only see at Deerhorn.”



Many kids come to camp with buddies, but there are just as many who come to camp knowing no one. Parents of these kids are often worried about sending their sons without friends.  But nowhere on Earth can you make friends as quickly and easily as at camp.

DSC_0389Friendship happens naturally at Deerhorn. Kids get to know the other kids in their koogee, at their table, on their team, in their activity group. Around every corner is a new friend just waiting to be met.  And one of the gifts of Deerhorn is how friendship knows no age boundaries.  It’s pretty cool hearing 10 year olds talking about how their leader is one of their best friends, or staff talk about this amazing friendship they have formed with the kids in their koogee.


And these are not just friendships for the summer.  Most counselors will tell you that some of their closest friends are those they grew up with at camp. Deerhorn reunions happen all the time, all over the world.  They meet up in the winter at college, they’re in each other’s weddings, their friendships are those for a lifetime.


Today dawned bright and sunny once again, and kids are working on those last few stars in activities. Sports & Games is playing Klepton, which is one of the campers’ favorite games. It involves two teams and “uniting ions,” so it’s kind of played like Capture the Flag and Scalp combined. But the announcement at breakfast that they are playing Klepton that day is always hilarious. Kids clap their hands together over their heads, begging for the announcement to be Klepton. And this morning’s announcement included that not only had Pluto left the Solar System, but it had also left the European Union as well… Hopefully when your son gets home, he can explain to you all about Klepton.  I’m sure his version will be better than anything I could attempt!  Pictures are uploading from today’s activities, but the internet has been giving us grief, so they might not be posted until later tonight.

Today is a great day for meals as well. Breakfast looked like corn dogs, but was pancake wrapped sausages on a stick. Lunch and dinner are two all-camp favorites, Italian Subs and Chicken Tenders. Life is good at the Horn!


4 thoughts on “Friendship

    Love this friendship pic! Brendan looks so happy! We have really enjoyed checking the blog and FB at night to see all the boys! Can’t wait to hear all about it when they return Friday!

    HI Melanie! Those Deerhorn smiles are priceless! I bet they will have lots of stories to tell!

    Thank you for this great post! Evan looks so happy. Thank you for giving him such wonderful summer memories!

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