The Deerhorn Decathlon

We love Sundays at Deerhorn! We get to sleep in an extra hour and have breakfast at 9am instead of 8. There are always a lot of cheers when that is announced on Saturday night! Breakfast this morning was chocolate chip pancakes, always a crowd favorite! After breakfast, kids enjoyed some free time around camp, playing games like basketball and ultimate frisbee, or fishing off the canoe dock. And then line for the store lasted TWO full hours! Some kids shopped and then came back later and got back in line to shop some more. I am having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked!  Max Placido gave a Words of Wisdom talk at the campfire ring at noon about the importance of patience. Our big Sunday afternoon event was the Deerhorn Decathlon, where kids competed in lots of different events to earn points for their team, like the javelin throw, basketball, obstacle course, and long jump. It was a great afternoon of team competition! After dinner, kids gathered with their koogee for an hour of koogee time, doing an activity together like biking or going out to the Rave. We finished off this great Sunday with our only D session campfire. Here are some pics from today’s decathlon action!






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