The last day of B session is here. It’s been a busy one, as last days always are. This morning was the last three periods of regular activities, so kids worked hard to get those last stars.  Sports & Games had a “grab bag” of activities, where kids could choose what activity they wanted each period.  One period, instead of playing Quidditch, as is a camper favorite, they simply played “Golden Snitch,” where campers chased a counselor all around camp. The weather cooperated all day, with bountiful sunshine and wind for sailing…until around 4:30, when we had a few showers.


After lunch, kids packed up their stuff and cleaned up their koogees, and then it was an afternoon of team competition.  There were three periods of team comp, including activities like dodgeball and soccer.  The final period is the big one, though, where kids get psyched to play some more all-camp Scalp! Check out some awesome footage of Scalp, courtesy of our new drone, on our Facebook page!  After dinner, there will be the much anticipated counselor show, which never fails  to leave our campers in stitches.


It’s been a really great session, and it really is true that time flies when you’re having fun…because we can’t believe it’s already over! One of the greatest things about coming to Deerhorn is becoming part of the Deerhorn Family.  Whether your son came with his brother, his cousin, his friend, or knowing no one at all, we are glad he is part of the Deerhorn Family.  We hope he comes home to you telling lots of great stories.  We hope he had an incredible time and wants to come back next year.  And we hope that when he arrives home, you can see the difference a summer at Deerhorn can make.  We’ve truly enjoyed having your boys with us these last two weeks. Thank you for giving them this incredible gift.  What a gift it has been for us as well!


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