Your Boys

You always wonder, as a parent, what your kids are like when they are not with you.  You hope they are not the whiney, tired, grouchy, creatures that you have seen emerge at home. You have taught them manners, polite words, patience, and kindness. You hope they remember all you have taught them when they are at school, at friends’ homes, at camp. I want to tell you that these boys, YOUR boys…to see them at camp, they would make you proud.



We always marvel at how blessed we are with the amazing kids that come to camp.  But this session, these boys, they take it to a whole new level.  They greet every dawn with a smile (yes, dawn!).  They are excited about everything from pizza bagels for lunch to kickball after dinner.  They come to  the store and not only say their “please and thank yous,” but leave with, “Have a nice day!” They hold doors open for the next person behind them, and they strike up conversations with directors.


They share bananas with Rooster, because they have seen the passion in his eyes when they carry one out of the dining room.  They help clear tables, and sweep koogees, and are supportive of their friends who are homesick.  They are a joy to have at camp and their excitement and enthusiasm have gotten this summer off to an amazing start.


You would be proud of these boys, proud of who they are when you are not with them. They are a huge part of what makes Deerhorn so special. Most of them are going home Friday and we will miss their smiling faces around camp.  We hope they join us for longer next summer! (Although we DO still have spots in B session. 😉 )


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    I want to thank you so very much for posting the wonderful photos from camp and the insightful blogs. I know you hear this from all of us parents but it truly gives us peace of mind to see our sons smiling and the relationships being built. I look forward to both the photos and blog every day and can’t wait to hear everything about Ryan’s experience when he returns on Friday. Thank you for everything! Rochelle

    Rochelle, Ryan is at our table this week and he is a wonderful boy! He’s always laughing and sharing stories with the other boys at the table. I am glad to get to share with parents about life here at Deerhorn!

    Amy, I love your blog and all the photos! You probably hear this all the time, but both are a highlight of my day while Jack is at Deerhorn. One peek at the pictures tells us how much the campers love Deerhorn. And reading the blog just once tells us how much you and all the big people at Deerhorn love it. Many thanks!!

    Lisa, you are so welcome! Jack was at our table last week and he still says hi to me whenever I see him! He always has a smile one his face!

    Yes, Jack sat at our table earlier this week and he was amazed when I told him we went to college together. He is such a nice and kind young man.

    Thank you for posting the fun pics of the boys! Alec just loves his Deerhorn experience as it shows in his face! I cannot wait to hear his stories!

    Thank you for these wonderful blog posts. It is great to see how solidly enthusiastic the boys are about all their activities – you’re right it radiates through their big smiles. Best to all and thank you for all you do.

    Thanks Peter. William is such a genuinely kind boy, who lives the Deerhorn Creed every day!

    This blog was so touching. Thank you for capturing the experience especially for parents of new campers.

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