Full Days

With our Lake Superior overnight trip leaving tomorrow,  our Voyagers leaving on Friday,  and E session boys arriving on Saturday, life is busy at Deerhorn this week. Days at camp are always full, but this week is definitely the most hectic of our summer. I am, of course, speaking from the perspective of a director, not a camper who is fully engrossed in all the fun of daily activities. Our orientations in each activity are complete, so kids can just enjoy the fun and excitement of each camp activity.

Breakfast this morning was chocolate chip pancakes, lunch was corn dogs and mac & cheese (crowd favorite!), and dinner was chicken tenders, cheesy potatoes, and cooked carrots. Sports and Games played a game today called Star Wars, which is another version of dodgeball. Kids love it. The sun shone and we were blessed once again with a warm, beautiful day!


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