Good Things

Well, my big news of the day is that Shutterfly is working again! All photos that have been taken during the B session are now uploaded and shared on our Shutterfly share site. Hooray! Just goes to show that good things do come to those who wait…and wait. 🙂

It’s been crazy hot at camp this week, making the waterfront a popular destination for some land-based activities. The people staying coolest this week are our hockey players. They’ve had a great time each morning at hockey camp. Tonight is the staff game blue vs white and kids are super excited for the game. (and, let’s be honest, the concession stand!) We’ll eat an early dinner and head to the rink around 6:30.

The Voyagers and Pioneers have been super busy prepping for their upcoming trips. Pioneer leaves this Saturday for their 7 day hiking expedition, and Voyager leaves two weeks later for their 8 days of sea kayaking.  They have had meetings every day about things like leadership and leave no trace ethics. Yesterday, half the Voyagers spent the whole afternoon out on the lake, learning kayak basic safety. This warm weather made for perfect kayak weather!

Breakfast this morning was sausage, egg, and cheese sandwiches, with tater tots, lunch was gyros and homemade hummus with pita chips, and dinner is going to be Chinese, including stir fry and eggrolls.  Hockey, Voyager, Pioneer, regular activities…Life here at Deerhorn is super busy, but full of so many good things!

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