Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom

The Serenity Prayer has always been one of my favorites. We talk about it a lot with our own kids in the face of adversity or obstacles. “Grant me the serenity to accept those things I cannot change, the courage to change those we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” What can we change about a difficult situation? Are we brave enough to change it? What part is out of our control? The wisdom to know the difference is an important one, because we can waste so much time just wishing things were different, when really the situation is out of our control.

It’s the serenity part that I have been struggling with this week, as technology continues to cause problems and create obstacles. The day before this session started, our internet was down for the entire day, and yesterday it went down again for most of the day. Camp continues, kids are oblivious, and the fun doesn’t stop, but for those of us behind the scenes, no internet causes major headaches, and we wake this morning feeling once again behind.

Also last week, on the day this session started, Shutterfly decided to stop working as well. All of the photos have been uploaded to our Shutterfly account, but I am unable to share the album to our share site so everyone else can see it. They have technicians working on it, and every day I hope this will be the day that they fix the problem. The photos can all be found on our Facebook page, but it’s not the ideal situation. Trust me when I say, I understand your frustration.

While I struggle with the serenity part of this situation, I definitely have the wisdom to know that I can’t do anything to fix it, but have to be patient. And our number one focus is the kids in our care…who are having tons of fun on a daily basis. Hockey camp started this week, so 35 kids head to the rink every morning for a few hours of skating. Sports and Games has played games like ultimate frisbee, sprout ball, and a new game called Cone Wars.

Kids are working hard to earn stars in activities, and the weather continues to be mostly great. We have had a few short bursts of rain, but they haven’t lasted long, and activities resumed shortly after. The days have been warm, making for great weather for the waterfront. There is such beauty up here in the Northwoods, but the flip side of that is sometimes we deal with technology snafus. Thank you for your patience with us, as we continue to do the best we can given the circumstances in front of us. “We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

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    No worries at all. While I adore the pictures and check all the time – the best part is that Soren is at Deerhorn. It is such a wonderful place and we are so thankful for it and you!

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