It’s a Great Day for Hockey!

Kids had such a great time last night playing Civil War. Each team has 8 pieces of “treasure” in a quadrant of camp to protect…koogee row, soccer field, baseball field, and beach. The goal is to try to steal the other team’s “treasure” like in Capture the Flag, and the team with the most treasure at the end of the game is the winner. If your flag is pulled, you are out, but you can go to the “medics” and get back in the game. It’s ¬†apparently the “funnest game ever.”


Our day dawned cloudy and cooler, and we had rain showers off and on this morning…but it’s always perfect weather for ice hockey!


We have about 30 kids playing, and they spend several hours on the ice each morning. They are having a great time, and we are glad to have our coaches back again this year, DJ, KJ, and Rock.



Breakfast this morning was muffins and lunch was a camp favorite, perfect for a rainy day, grilled cheese and tomato soup. The morning started off well, and first period activities continued as normal. Once the rain started, some activities were able to continue, like crafts and riflery, because we had no thunder, just a light rain. Other activities moved to the lodge or the wolf den for ping pong or games.




After dinner tonight, we are taking the whole camp to the ice arena for a blue vs white Deerhorn hockey game. Kids get a little money out of their spending accounts for the concession stand, and they love cheering for the staff and guessing who’s going to score the most goals! It’s always a super fun night.


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