It’s Been 3 Weeks Already?

Three weeks always seems like such a long time. It’s our longest session of the summer and when it’s over it’s hard to know where time went! We packed a lot into this session…our C10 kids were here for the first half…our E kids left Sunday after their first week at Deerhorn…The Voyagers spent 8 days in Voyageurs National Park…the Lake Superior Trip spent an overnight in Bayfield and swam in Lake Superior…and all the smiles, laughter, and friendship filling in all the cracks in between!

We slept in an hour this morning and had breakfast at 9, and then our last two activity periods of C session. Kids spent rest hour packing up and then it was time for an afternoon of three periods of team competition! The first two periods were activities like kickball, dodgeball, and koogee ball, and the last period of the afternoon was all camp Braveheart! Younger kids took to DK Field and older kids headed to the soccer field. The pictures will take awhile to upload, but you’ll notice in a lot of them that team shirt fashion is all over the place. Don’t be surprised if your camper comes home with just remnants of that team shirt. They play hard…but they also think it’s cool to take off the sleeves and that doesn’t always end well. 😉 After dinner tonight, kids are super excited for the counselor show to end this final fun day at Deerhorn!

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