The 2023 Monkey Relays

As I mentioned yesterday, we switched Sunday afternoon with Monday afternoon. So today was Monday morning regular activities. But after lunch, it was time for the Grandaddy of them all…The Monkey Relays, which have been happening at Deerhorn since 1930! The energy at camp was electric, with monkey calls echoing through the lodge at lunch and bananas hanging from the rafters. The Monkey Relays involve every activity in camp, with campers carrying a ping pong ball in a spoon from one activity to the next. There are even some crazy activities, like standing on your head at home plate while singing Mary Had a Little Lamb. The event culminates with an A-Dock run and that camper tags their Leader, who has to run and build a sandcastle. There are four arrows in the sand, and the Leader has to build a sandcastle to completely cover the arrow. The Bears were far away the victors in this event, but the Wolves and Bobcats were SO CLOSE for 2nd and 3rd. The Wolves came in 2nd by just a few seconds, the Bobcats came in 3rd, and the Eagles came in 4th. Everyone had an awesome time and it was an excellent afternoon of team competition! Tonight after dinner was the Water Lillies vs Landlubbers softball game, where the water counselors take on the land counselors. Kids love cheering on their favorite staff! After the game, we’ll end this fun day with a Deerhorn campfire. There were so many pictures taken of the Monkeys, so it’s going to take a couple of hours to get them all uploaded. For now, enjoy a few of today’s action!

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