Kids in Koogees

It’s been a busy week, with the Lake Superior Trip being gone for two days. Our C10 kids leave on Saturday, and our Voyagers leave on Sunday, so we needed to get those koogee pictures done! Koogee pictures are our favorite, because we love seeing kids personalities come out as they goof off and have fun together, sometimes planning matching outfits or funny set ups.  You can also tell who’s been shopping at the Deerhorn store! 😉 The koogee experience is often kids’ favorite part of Deerhorn, hanging out with their friends, playing games and laughing hysterically! It was another beautiful day at camp. Sports and Games played Gasebolf on DK Field, which involves hitting a tennis ball with a golf club, then running the bases backwards. Yet another wacky Deerhorn game! All koogee pictures are being uploaded to SmugMug and are posted to Instagram and Facebook!

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