A Kind Word

One of the lines of the Deerhorn Creed says “To win modestly, lose gracefully, and have a kind word for the opposing side.” You would be amazed to see this in action around camp on a daily basis…but nowhere is it more amazing to watch than on the Scalp field. Scalp is everyone’s favorite game and it tends to get pretty intense. On the junior field, many of them are first time campers and they’re learning not only about the game of Scalp, but about what it means to “live the Creed.” There is often a lot of bickering and whining, and debating whether or not someone actually pulled them. But when junior Scalp ends, they head to the soccer field to watch the seniors finish their game. And it’s there that they see both the most intense competition, but also the best examples of the Creed.

Because while competition is fierce, you’ll also see kids who are just in it to have fun. Sure, they love to win, but the smiles show you that the main focus is fun. And when they pull the flag of an opponent and their opponent falls? They are the first to reach down to give that opponent a hand up. Or the guy who got pulled reaches over to shake his opponent’s hand and say “Nice pull.” It’s awesome to watch, and it teaches the younger guys a whole lot about the importance of teamwork, kindness, and a helping hand…and that fun should always be the focus.

Everyone was super excited to play Scalp last night after dinner, and as you can see from the smiles, they had a blast. We were blessed today with more sunshine and another perfect weather day. Breakfast this morning was cinnamon toast, lunch was meatball subs, and dinner was chicken pot pie. Kids continued to work on earning stars in activities, and the craft shop has been a bustling hub of activity as kids finish up projects.  After dinner activities tonight included koogee ball, Skeeter Ball, and Klepton. When your son gets home from camp, you will have to ask him how to play all of these Deerhorn games!


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