Koogee Time!

You ask many kids what their favorite part of camp is, and they will tell you “hanging out in the koogee with my friends.” Giggling in the dark after lights out, playing card games at rest hour, friendships formed.

Whether serious or silly, it’s fun to see kids’ personalities come out in the photos. We have no doubt that our B session kids are having a great time!

Breakfast this morning was chocolate chip pancakes, always a hit! Sports and Games is playing Klepton on the soccer field. It’s another one of those games made up by creative counselors years ago, and kids get really excited when it’s time to play Klepton. It involves “uniting the ions” for “intergalactic domination,” and I’m sure your son can explain it better than I can when he returns home! The sun is shining and it’s shaping up to be another incredible day at Deerhorn!

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