Those Last Few Stars

Campers have been working hard in activities to earn those last few stars before the session ends.  For those of you who are new to Deerhorn, campers can earn red, blue, and gold stars in each activity. Those points (25, 50, 100) count toward achievement patches for themselves for the end of the session (like Brave, Tribesman, and Warrior), but they also count as points toward their team’s total.  Red star means they have participated and tried their best in that activity, blue that they have improved to the next level, and gold is typically mastery, though it varies by each activity.  Today was the last full day of activities for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, so lots of kids were making that last push.


Sports and Games played ultimate frisbee on the soccer field today.  We all enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning which gave way to a few rain showers this afternoon, but it only affected the last two periods of the day, and many of them were still able to continue.  Others took to the lodge for rafterball and board games.  Breakfast was cinnamon rolls, lunch was BLT’s, and dinner was lasagna.


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