Too Much Fun

The last day of the session is always packed full.  After omelets for breakfast, kids had a morning of regular activities, earning those last few stars.  Then after a lunch of pizza bagels, kids packed up at rest hour and got ready for an afternoon of team competition.  We had three periods, like we normally do, but the first two periods were team comp like dodgeball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee.  The last period of the day was Scalp, everyone’s favorite.  It’s always a highlight of the day, that one last Scalp.



Finally, after chicken fajitas for dinner, kids settled into the lodge for the much-anticipated counselor show.  The staff always puts together a hilarious show of skits and performances, that never fails to leave campers in peals of laughter.  You’ll have to ask them what their favorite skit was when they get home!  It was a full day, and campers are off to bed, exhausted from simply too much fun!


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