No More Clouds

We woke this morning to a pretty grey sky,  with strong possibilities of afternoon thunderstorms. However, by early afternoon, the clouds had cleared and the sun shone the rest of the day.  It actually turned into quite a beautiful day!

DSC_0263This morning’s breakfast was french toast, and afterwards kids headed back to their koogees to clean up and get ready for the day. They found out what groups they were in, and then they were off to activities! Sports & Games played handball on the soccer field, which kids really enjoy.



There was a nice breeze off the lake all day which was perfect for sailing, though not too overwhelming for younger sailors. Kids had three activities this morning and three this afternoon.  Each activity went through the rules and expectations, but then got kids busy as soon as possible.



Lunch was mini corn dogs and mac & cheese, and dinner was beef tips & noodles.  After dinner, we had the very first Deerhorn Combine, where kids took part in lots of events like a ping pong ball carry, running races, high jumps, long jumps. The leaders  are drafting their teams tonight and this was a fun way for them to get to know lots of kids!



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