Rainy Day Fun

We awoke this morning to rain showers that lasted through the first two periods. After pancakes for breakfast, kids cleaned up their koogees and headed off to activities.  Some activities, like crafts and riflery, are able to continue in the rain, while others have to get a little creative.



Rainy day activities included ping pong in the Wolf Den, or activities in the lodge like board games, chess, or rafter ball.



By third period this morning, the rain had stopped and the sun was trying to peek out…so most activities resumed as usual.


 Lunch was BLT’s and regular activities continued this afternoon as the weather stayed cloudy but the rain held off. The sun even came out for some fun on the waterfront!



Dinner was yummy lasagna with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. The rain held off until shortly after dinner, but we still managed to do evening activities. From what I heard, Indian Ball in the rain for the juniors was super fun! Intermediates played handball, and seniors played baseball.  A little rain doesn’t stop the fun at Camp Deerhorn!





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