We just finished C session, a session with only about 8 first-year campers and over 100 teenagers. Many kids straggled late to breakfast because they often slept until first call for breakfast at 7:50am. By the end of the session, some of the teenagers need a little more convincing to get to their activities on time. This session finds us with 44 first-year campers, and only about 35 teenagers. Which makes this the session of running.

They wake up before 6am and they run out of their koogee to go play tennis or basketball or tetherball with friends. When first call goes for a meal, they run to the lodge to wash their hands. When the bell rings signaling the end of an activity period, they run as fast as they can to the next activity. When activities end, they run to line up for General Swim or to get in line for the store. This is the session of running.

There are lots of questions to be answered and guidance to be given. There are a few corrections to be made along the way. (Like not bursting into Blaine and Barbara’s house to use the bathroom!) We have to teach them where the Skeeter is, and even WHAT the Skeeter is. (Our basketball court on the hill up by the soccer field) We show them how to clear the table, (rack and stack) and where to ask for seconds when something is empty (“You kill it, you fill it.”) They learn how to make their beds, and sometimes even how to use a broom. (Yes, you must sweep the pile of dirt into the dustpan, not just leave it in the middle of the koogee!)

And while we love the years of loyalty and friendship that C session represents, D session helps remind us how awesome camp really is. How important it is to get excited about the little things in life, like Charleston Chews for candy bars after lunch, or snuggling with the nearest camp dog. They are two totally different sessions, C and D, and we love them both.

After sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwiches and tater tots for breakfast, the 18 kids who stayed over from C session headed to the waterpark for the day while everyone else got ready for their first full day of activities. Counselors will go over rules and safety, but try to get them into the action as quickly as possible.

The weather is sunny and warm and there are no signs of major homesickness to be found.  Lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, a crowd favorite, and yet one more reason to get excited. I know when the bell rings at 4:45, I will find a long line of kids ready to go shopping in the store. Because this is the session of running.

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