Koogee pictures are so fun…it’s always a little like wrangling cats, trying to get all of them at the koogee at the same time…trying to get them to cooperate and all get in the photo.


But I always love how they turn out because you get to see personalities come through…and you get to see how friendships are formed during such a short time at camp. Kids love simply hanging out in their koogees, talking, giggling, sharing stories.



Today’s weather definitely took a turn on the cooler side, and though we had a few drizzly showers this afternoon, activities continued uninterrupted.  We welcomed the cooler weather, especially for horseback riding.  Tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine once again!


Breakfast was donuts, lunch was chicken patties, and dinner was tortellini.  Sports and Games played Sprout Ball up on the baseball field, which every camper loves.


The evening activity was team competition, including koogee ball & flag football.  The store continues to be crazy busy every day, as kids want to stock up on team colored gear.  And as you can see in several photos, the new blue sweatshirt is quite the hit!  We had a letter day at dinner tonight, so those letters will be mailed out tomorrow…Once we get actual addresses on several of them. 😉


10 thoughts on “Shenanigans

    Oh my gosh I am sitting on my brothers computer in colorado looking through 860 pictures for one of Tommy with a big smile and I FOUND IT in todays blog! He is on the horse! I am about to leave for the woods for 3 days with no access to internet-this is exactly what I needed. I know by that Smile he is having a great time-Thank you!

    You are welcome. I promise that smile has been there even before he showed up on the horse!

    Love the pictures and reading the blog on the days activities! Matthew looks like he is having a great time! Thank you for sharing:)

    We just love him, Ellen. He’s having a blast and is always smiling. Thanks for sharing him with us!

    Awesome pictures, thank you so much for the blog post and the great pictures, we love seeing our boys have so much fun at camp. My daughter Reese is missing her brothers, especially her twin brother Lex, so the pictures help keep her connected. Thanks again!

    Looks like an amazing day! Love that Navin is looks like he’s bonding with his friends in his koogee. I can’t wait to hear all his stories!

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