Sundays Fun Days

Sundays are a little different at Camp Deerhorn. We all welcome the extra hour we get to sleep in since breakfast is at 9.  This morning’s breakfast was pancakes.





After breakfast, campers enjoyed some rare free time around camp. There were lots of kids who chose to play ultimate frisbee on the soccer field, or street hockey up at the Skeeter.  Others chose to hang out in their koogee or go fishing.





At noon, CJ Yager gave a really great talk about learning how to take risks, conquer your fears, and try something new every day. At 1:00, it was ham and cheesy potatoes for lunch.  Sunday afternoons are for the big all-camp event.


Today’s team event was the Treasure Hunt, where kids ran all over camp trying to find things on a list, accumulating them at the beach, and then watching as their leader followed a treasure map to find the buried treasure. It was one of those “sparkly” days on the lake, when the wind and the waves caused the sunlight to just sparkle off the lake. Such a pretty day and there was lots more glorious sunshine for the big event.  The Chippewa came in first, followed by the Iroquois, the Navajo, and the Apache. There are lots of pictures from today’s event and they will be uploaded tonight. You’ll notice there are a lot of pictures where kids have very serious expressions…please don’t worry that they aren’t smiling! They get super focused while they are running everywhere and the smiles come at the end when it’s all over. Everybody had a great time!



Dinner on the beach was hamburgers, followed by some fun koogee time.  We ended this beautiful Sunday with a Deerhorn campfire!

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